Studio Dates:  October 2018 – September 2019

Opening Exhibition: November 2019, Arenta Gallery, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Saints Re-Formed consists of twelve oil paintings that range in size—from 18 x 24 inches to six feet.   The figural paintings reference twelve different mystics from history.  Inspired by elements of each figure’s recorded tradition, the contemporary renditions include everyday objects and mannerisms recognizable to modern viewers.  Through odd juxtapositions, the paintings are infused with absurd, poetic elements—often contradictory—allowing viewers to puzzle at the content in a unique, individual manner. Nearly all of the paintings contain a single figure, depicted in an isolated and remote setting.  This design encourages viewers to contemplate the figures individually; recalling the reflective tradition of medieval devotional art.

Davidson_Hope_Has_Feathers - Copy
Hope Has Feathers (for Francis), Oil on linen, 61 in x 66 in
Truth Be Told (for John), Oil on linen, 53 in x 66 in
Ambrose, Oil on linen, 37 x 66 in
Genevieve, Oil on linen, 53 in x 66 in